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New and Noteworthy: Mossberg on iPod (mini); iMac should go headless

New and Noteworthy: Mossberg on iPod (mini); iMac should go headless

Mossberg on iPod (mini) The Wall Street Journal's Walter Mossberg reviews Apple's new iPod mini. Notable is his experience with battery life: "Apple is claiming a battery life of eight hours for the Mini. To test this claim, Katie and I ran three battery tests. In one, the results were just shy of Apple's claim, at seven hours and 46 minutes. But in the other two tests, with two different iPods, the Mini lasted nine hours and 15 minutes, and a whopping 10 hours and 40 minutes. That indicates to me that an average Mini would likely exceed Apple's eight-hour claim." More.

iMac should go headless In a Business Week online column, Alex Salkever contends that Apple needs to add a "headless" iMac to its product line: "Its integrated tilt-swivel flat-panel monitor has gone from a competition killer to just plain deadly. Apple should set it free." More.


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