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New and Noteworthy: Keeping tabs on location with cell phones; iPod battery woes

New and Noteworthy: Keeping tabs on location with cell phones; iPod battery woes

Keeping tabs on location with cell phones The New York Times has an article about keeping tabs on the location of cell phone holders with special software. "On the train returning to Armonk, N.Y., from a recent shopping trip in Manhattan with her friends, Britney Lutz, 15, had the odd sensation that her father was watching her. He very well could have been. Ms. Lutz's father, Kerry, recently equipped his daughters with cellular phones that let him see where they are on a computer map at any given moment. Earlier that day, he had tracked Britney as she arrived in Grand Central Terminal. Later, calling up the map on his own cellphone screen, he noticed she was in SoHo." More.

iPod battery woes A Washington Post article provides some background information on the now infamous "iPod's Dirty Little Secret" video, which was created out of frustration with one user's dyign iPod battery "When you buy an iPod, nothing in the fine print of the owner's manual prepares you for the eventual, final power drain, or gives you any estimate of how far down the road death awaits. This appears to be less an omission or deceit on Apple's part and more of a callous assumption: All electronics go to heaven, kids. Apple and other manufacturers are carefully pushing consumers further away from the battery age, when consumers could try to fix broken things, or replace their power sources." More.

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