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New and Noteworthy: Apple hits back; Gadget of the week; X vs. XP

New and Noteworthy: Apple hits back; Gadget of the week; X vs. XP

Apple hits back A New Zealand Listener article covers Apple's media presence, which "has long outstripped its share of the market... Apple's PC market share might be as little as three percent, but the pundits have lately queued up to praise its sense of style and innovation." More.

G5/Panther Time's Gadget of the Week In its November 19 issue, now online, Time named the Power Mac G5 with OS X 10.3 its "Gadget of the Week." More.

X vs. XP rebuts WinSuperSite Last week Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows made some bold claims about Mac OS X and Longhorn, an upcoming version of Windows. The X vs. XP site, which claims to compare OS X and Windows XP in an unbiased manner, responds: "Perhaps Longhorn really is technically superior to Panther (with three more years to work on it, I sure hope it's superior), but it would take more to substantiate such a claim than to merely cite Longhorn's task-based file system." More.


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