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New ad for new iPad: The screen isn't fun like Siri

The first ad released for the new iPad talks about the screen, the screen, and the screen. That's it for the specs. And it doesn't have the same entertainment value as, say, Siri.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When you're creating an ad for TVs, the thing you dread most is when the client tells you it's all about the color.

It seems like an old, generic message, one that's so hard to dramatize.

So for Apple's new iPad--you know, the new one that just came after the iPad 2--the ad creators seem to have been told to focus on the screen, the screen and the screen.

Which, in many ways, doesn't seem that easy a message either.

You're trying to show a screen through the medium of another screen.

You're relying on a visual effect that you can't actually control.

So, in Apple's case, the ad makers have focused on creating the same reassuring mood that has featured through so many Apple ads.

It's nice. Perhaps it doesn't have to be any more than that. But when the new product doesn't offer the same imagination-capturing qualities as iPhone 4S's Siri, there's only so much the ad-makers can do.

Will people be boring their friends with the term "Retina Display" over the coming weeks? Perhaps.

But it's the sort of phrase you hear from amateur photographers in anoraks, rather than everyday people who just can't wait to tell you about their latest lady friend.

Of course, it will still help sell the product. Try asking real people how many other tablets they can even name.