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New $150K supercar runs on biofuel, gets 70 mpg

After some false starts, the Trident Iceni is set to launch in July.

Trident Performance Vehicles

Sometimes, if you want a car that delivers major savings on gas, it's going to cost you. Case in point is the upcoming Trident Iceni, a $150,000 convertible sportster that pulls down 70 miles on the road per gallon of green biodiesel burned. In addition to the big-time fuel savings and instant eco-credibility, the Iceni also comes with another bonus--it's a badass supercar.

The Iceni has been on again and off again for a while now, but it appears to really be on this time, with a launch planned for the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power in the U.K. on July 15. At the heart of the green monster is a 6.6 liter, twin-turbo diesel V8 running biofuel, and it's reported the Iceni will run to 230 mph and accelerate from zero to 60 in less than four seconds. And those fuel savings don't just come at low speeds--the Iceni is said to deliver 70 miles per gallon at a constant 70 mph.

The key to the Iceni's combination of power and efficiency apparently has to do with being lightweight and carrying an innovative 8-speed transmission, which... well, why don't I just let this guy tell you more:

(Via Gizmag)