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Netgear goes green with free product recycling

Feeling the need to be more green? Netgear is offering free recycling of old networking products with every purchase.

It's okay, they're in a better place now.Credit: Netgear

The excitement of buying a new router is unparalleled, but what does a blissed-out geek do with the old one?

If your new router's a Netgear, you can pack up its poor predecessor — regardless of the brand — and send it to the company for free recycling.

Netgear's recycling website offers a form for printing your own reply-paid address label — on recycled paper, if you'd be so kind. All you have to do then is pack up the old product and place it into the mouth of a postbox.

If that sounds like way too much effort, Netgear is also partnering with Australia Post to make pre-addressed pouches available at retailers.

So far, so soul-enhancingly wonderful, but don't go overboard; a caveat on the website notes that "the NETGEAR product purchased must be a similar or higher specified product than the one to be recycled". Translation: no fair buying a $10 Ethernet cable and slapping a reply-paid label on the old office photocopier.