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Let's move into this Mars Ice House someday (Tomorrow Daily 250)

Ashley congratulates the winners of NASA's 3D Printed Habitat Challenge, explains how controlling a robotic arm with a paintbrush may help disabled patients someday and drools over Tesla's new Model X (but cries a little at its price).

We know it's Wednesday, and you're probably already looking toward the weekend; however, take a second and watch today's show, because there are some really interesting stories happening in the weird, wonderful world of future tech.

The Mars Ice House is the official winner of NASA's 3D Printed Habitat Challenge. Part of the contest was using materials readily available on Mars itself to build the structure, and as the name suggests, the winning design's concept uses frozen water from the red planet's ice caps. There are some really compelling reasons for using water, including protecting astronauts from radiation (water acts as an effective shield, which is important because of Mars' thin atmosphere).

There's also Imperial College London's "Gaze Space," which is software designed to allow a human user to control a robotic device using only their eyes. The demonstration showed a woman controlling a paintbrush-wielding robotic arm, creating a simple work of art simply by glancing at where she wanted brushstrokes to start and end, and blinking when she wished to change the color of the paint the robot was using.

Lastly, we take a moment to swoon over Tesla's new all-electric SUV, the Model X. Sure, it starts at $132,000, and if you haven't already ordered one you'll be waiting about a year to get into your own...but that biohazard-defense-grade air filtration system is pretty awe-inspiring. Tesla CEO Elon Musk looked proud of the final production model, and for good reason. CNET's own Tim Stevens took the Model X for a ride and walked away impressed with the time he spent with the car..

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250: Let's move into this Mars Ice House someday

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