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MyVu Personal Media Viewer: Crystal Edition

MyVu Crystal Edition won't make you look like Geordi LaForge.


It has to be said: I cannot WAIT to model these suckers for you on camera. I mean, just look at them! Tell me that this is not exactly what leapt to your mind back in the early 90s when you first started dreaming about the time when video glasses would rule the personal entertainment marketplace. Now, that time hasn't quite arrived yet, but MyVu is sure aiming to make it so. The company offers a line of Personal Media Viewers in the form of glasses that hook up to an external video source (such as an iPod) to provide the illusion of watching the content on a large screen from several feet away. Generally speaking, this means less eye-strain than you would get from viewing for long periods on a 3-inch screen.

The latest PMV to join MyVu's lineup is the Crystal Edition, an orange-lensed set that is certainly sweeter-looking than its predecessors. The Crystal also a 35 percent increase in the field of view over existing PMV models, which allows for better quality and a more immersive viewing experience. Another difference is the transparent lenses, which opens the glasses up to other applications...after all, who wouldn't want to sport these beauts as their daily shades? Keep an eye out for the Crystal in spring of 2008.