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My blind date with PSP

OK, so we've had an actual PlayStation Portable in our hot little hands for two days now, enough to form some initial impressions:

•  I now have a vague sense of what it feels like to be a gorgeous woman. I used the PSP twice while commuting on public transit, and both times every male within visual range fixed me a gaze that conveyed a worrisome mixture of lust and "I am a potential mugger."

•  Contrary to what certain curmudgeons have said, it's a very capable movie player, especially compared to my 15-year-old TV. But no way I'm going to pay $20 for the kind of movie you only watch once, which is the only kind of movie you can get on the new UMD format for now. You listening, Netflix?

•  The screen is every bit as wide, sharp and gorgeous as you've heard. It's also incredible smudge-bait. Seems like all I have to do is point at the thing and it starts collecting fingerprints.

•  Yes, it was dumb of Sony not to include a USB capable in the box for connecting the PSP to your PC, but it turns out that just about any spare digital camera cable you might have lying around will do the trick. Getting content onto the PSP is snap--it shows up on your PC as just another removable storage device--but the 32MB Memory Stick that comes with the device fills up mighty fast.

•  Splurge on a 1GB Memory Stick, and you'll have plenty of room for music, but you'll still be stuck with a lousy way of getting around it. The PSP interface offers no way to navigate tunes by artist or album, only the name of the song, and the closest thing to a playlist is an awkward "Group Mode function."

•  Thank God for the Golden State Warriors, who ensure there's a team I can beat in "NBA."