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Muffins without the paper

Rather than having to run to the store for new muffin papers, consider reusable Silicups.

Silicups Williams-Sonoma

I'm a big fan of muffins--and maybe cupcakes as well. I bake up at least one batch of muffins each week for quick breakfasts on the go, which can add up to a lot of muffin papers if I'm not careful. And when I forget to pick up more muffin papers at the store, it can make for a whole lot of greasing and flouring my pans. Silicups eliminate all the fuss--and the waste of throwing away so many muffin papers each week. Silicups are standalone silicone cups that you can reuse. The silicone is durable, yet flexible: you don't even need a muffin tin in order to use the Silicups. You just set them out on a baking sheet or other oven-safe pan and put them in the oven. Their flexibility and nonstick surface make it easy to remove your baked goods.

The Silicups come in a set of 12, three each in pink, lavender, blue, and yellow. They each hold approximately 2 ounces, perfect for the amount of batter you need for a muffin or cupcake. The full set is priced at $24.00. Best of all, Silicups are dishwasher-safe, unlike most metal muffin tins I've used in the past.