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Mozilla wants app submissions for its open-Web plans

As part of the company's plan to create an open-Web platform, it's asking developers to submit apps that will be operating system and device-independent.

Mozilla's Marketplace has begun accepting app submissions, looking toward the ultimate goal of building a standalone operating system for the open Web.

As part of the company's Boot to Gecko project, these apps would allow for cross-device and multi-operating system integration, which means anchoring the apps to the user and not to the device or platform.

"Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, a developer can build an app using responsive design, and that app can offer the same look and feel as a device-native app, without having to rewrite for every desired target platform," Joe Stagner, Mozilla's senior program manager for development technologies and community, writes in a blog post. "One code base--all popular devices!"

Stagner says the benefit to developers is that they will have exposure to nearly half a billion prospective customers along with Mozilla's work on identity integration and app payments, sync, backup, and recovery. Mozilla is also developing new ways for consumers to discover and get new apps.

"Both consumers and developers can easily get what they want from the Marketplace experience, on the front side or on the back end," writes Stagner.

Mozilla is planning for the consumer side of the marketplace to launch later this year.