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Mozilla launches super-simple Firefox customizer

Browser maker debuts new directory for add-ons that's easy to use but way too sparse.

You and your geek friends may love trolling the Mozilla site for Firefox add-ons, but the lineup on the site can be overwhelming. To simplify the add-on market, Mozilla has just launched Fashion Your Firefox, a tightly edited version of the add-on library with a very simple installer.

The catalog contains nine categories, such as "Finder and Seeker" and "News Junkie," each with fewer than five add-ons. If you want products in the list, you can select several. When you're done making choices, you can install them all at once, instead of one at a time as you have to do with the standard add-on directory.

Add-ons for the Fashion Your Firefox lineup are chosen by Mozilla staffers, based on their evaluations of functionality and ease of use, taking into account proven popularity.

I found the Fashion Your Firefox store extremely easy to use, but far too limited. On the other hand, the default add-on directory is a bit overwhelming for newbies. I hope to someday see a mama bear directory that is more comprehensive yet still easy to use.

And as long as I'm on the topic, I propose that Mozilla allow add-on developers to charge for their products through the Mozilla store. According to the announcement for Fashion Your Firefox, over 1 billion add-ons have been downloaded. If downloads continue apace, and even if only a small percentage of the add-ons are paid, that's a lot of potential revenue for developers.

No time to shop for add-ons? Use this edited selection.

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