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Motorola Atrix next in line for Gingerbread update?

The AT&T smartphone should soon see Android 2.3 and the ability to install apps from outside of the Android Market.

The AT&T smartphone should be next in line for an Android 2.3 update. CNET

It appears AT&T's Motorola Atrix 4G might be next in line to receive Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Tech site BriefMobile has scored an alleged copy of the update, which claims it's full of new features, including application grouping, downloads management, and a retooled user experience.

According to BriefMobile's information, the revamped user interface feels less like Motoblur and more like the Motorola Droid X's Gingerbread update. Another noteworthy feature is the ability to download apps from outside of the Android Market. As you may know already, AT&T recently changed its stance on this topic, beginning with the Infuse 4G.

BriefMobile anticipates a June or July release for the Atrix update and expects it to have a build number along the lines of 4.5.XX. The AT&T smartphone recently saw an update that enabled support for the HSUPA+ network, but it didn't play nice with select banking apps. For those affected, Motorola has since made a minor update available.

Since we're on the subject of Motorola software updates, readers should be reminded that Verizon's Droid X is now seeing its Gingerbread update. Many of the features here look to similar to those found in the 2.3 that's apparently headed to the Atrix 4G.