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More PowerBook G4 15" "white spot" repair experiences

More PowerBook G4 15" "white spot" repair experiences

We continue to receive positive reports on Apple's efforts at repairing PowerBook G4 15" (FireWire 800) units that have fallen victim to the "white spot" problem covered extensively here on MacFixIt. Rearder Christopher Fenger writes:

"Just wanted to confirm Brian Bass's experience. My new PB developed the spots after about a week or so. Apple promised a speedy return, but I was hesitant to send my main workhorse in for repair when they hadn't even acknowledged the problem yet. I bit the bullet, sent it in just before Thanksgiving, and received the "repaired unit" (new LCD, as far as I can tell) early the following week. This stuff happens, as far as I'm concerned, so I only have praise for Apple's prompt resolution."

Reader William Schutzer adds:

"My experience with my 15" PB (no Applecare - Standard Warrantee) was excellent. I called, told them, I had a 15" with white spots, and in addition, the screen would not stay latched shut. The Apple rep. asked for SN, address, sent a box, and gave me an ID number. The next day, I sent my computer back to Apple. It was returned - completely fixed - 7 days after it was mailed out (one of the 7 days was Thanksgiving). I think I had about 10 minutes time total invested in the experience. Well done."

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