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More on PowerBook G4 15" (FireWire 800) "white spots" and bad RAM

More on PowerBook G4 15" (FireWire 800) "white spots" and bad RAM

PowerBook G4 15" "white spots" Following up on the "white spots" story we've been covering over the past week, we are still receiving a steady stream of reports from users whose new 15" PowerBook G4s are exhibiting this anomaly. (Although it is important to point out that we have also received a good number of reports from individuals whose new PowerBooks are problem-free.)

However, it now appears that Apple is beginning to acknowledge the problem, at least on a case by case basis. MacFixIt reader Vincent Jacobs reports the following experience with AppleCare:

"Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm just off the phone with AppleCare here in the Netherlands, and the guy I spoke to had received an internal Apple memo (just half an hour ago) stating that the problems were under investigation. Also in the memo was the advice to customers: 'send in for repair'."

Likewise, reader Al Hoodwin passed on his own experience:

"I experienced the same issue with AppleCare that they claimed they were unaware of the white spots problem.  After explaining the problem to them, they told me to send the unit in.  I told them that based on what I was reading on MacFixIt, I didn?t want to send the unit in unless they had an engineering fix to the problem since many readers claimed that the problem reappeared after receiving their units back with a new screen.  The AppleCare representative said that they would talk to Engineering first before I would send the unit in. I then received a call back three days later telling me to send the unit in since they had a long-term fix for the problem."

Finally, we previously covered the fact that many users who had their displays replaced ended up eventually experiencing white spots on the replacement screen, as well. We have recently received a few reports from readers whose 15" PowerBooks are in Apple's hands for a screen replacement that the repairs are on hold "awaiting parts." This could be because there are a large number of PowerBooks in for repair of this problem, or it could be that Apple has come up with a "permanent" solution and is waiting for the parts for that solution to arrive. As we find out more we'll keep you updated.

Issues with Bad RAM We also continue to receive reports of problems with bad RAM and the new 15" PowerBook G4. Based on the number of reports we've had about RAM incompatibility, we should reiterate that if you're experiencing frequent crashes, problems starting up, kernel panics, or any other serious system issues, and your 15" PowerBook has more than the stock amount of RAM, be sure to remove the extra RAM to see if it fixes your problems before sending the machine back to Apple.

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