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More on keyboard backlight, Expos� problems

More on keyboard backlight, Exposé problems

We continue to investigate issues with backlight operation and Exposé commands on some PowerBooks. A recent report from Keshav Pathak is indicative of a conflict between Exposé and keyboard backlight function that has been reported by other users (in reverse fashion).

"My experience on my PB 15" FW800 (purchased in Sept.'03 and upgraded to Panther subsequently) is diametrically different on Panther. In my case the F9 and F10 keys give precedence to the Backlight operation, and I have no problem whatsoever in adjusting the backlight level using these function keys. What doesn't work as Apple intended it to, is Expose'. To trigger it, I need to press the 'fn' key while holding down F9 or F10 as the case may be. This issue has been extensively documented in Apple's discussion forums. So a conflict, yes, but in my case the other way round."

Lighting solutions For users that are having keyboard lighting problems, some users have suggested deleting the any instances of the com.Apple.BezelServices.plist (which can be located via the Finder's "Find" command) searching for both visible and invisible items.

Also, some users have reported that resetting the PRAM, or resetting the power management unit (not recommended as a common practice) restores backlighting in some instances.

  • resetting the PRAM
  • resetting the power manage...
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