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More on incorrect colors in Mac OS X 10.3.x

More on incorrect colors in Mac OS X 10.3.x

We continue to investigate issues with strange on screen colors and artifacts that begin only after installing Mac OS X 10.3. Specifically the issue usually manifests as pink or purple hues in areas that should be gray, including Finder window elements, icons, the Dock, and more. As of now, it seems that both ATI and NVidia graphics cards are involved in situations where the problem is occurring.

We've now received a few e-mails indicating that that, in at least some cases, the problem is hardware related. One reader writes:

"Folks who have had his problem prior to Mac OS X 10.3 should be wary, as I've experienced it on an iMac 333 on Jaguar. This was a pure hardware problem: A damaged VGA card (a 500 dollar fix)! Of course, the computer wasn't even worth that, so now it's a 50 pound paperweight. Shows you the value of the AppleCare Protection Plan."

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