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Mom writes book on her BlackBerry

Londoner Georgina Campbell says she wrote a whole book on her much-maligned little machine. It has now been published. Is it a new version of "Thumbelina?"

It looks like a cheery tale. Amazon

The problem with BlackBerrys is that too many people who use them seem to take themselves so seriously. They crouch over them, bashing at the keyboard, and act like a powerful person should act: sharply, aggressively, bossily.

Yet now I bring news of one intrepid lady who decided to use her BlackBerry for good -- Londoner Georgina Campbell claims to have written her book on one.

Actually, this was less of a decision and more of forced labor. Her 14-year-old daughter bet her that she couldn't.

What are mothers for, if not to prove that their little offspring know less than they think?

So, as the Daily Mail downloads it, they were watching a movie on TV and thought it awful.

"I thought I could write a better script, so we challenged each other to write something," Campbell told the Mail.

Naturally, the daughter got no further than 10 pages. However, mom managed 55,600 words of "The Kickdown Girls," all using the MemoPad on her BlackBerry. Much of it was written while commuting, lunching and, um, sitting in the bath.

You will be wondering what this fine opus is about. The Amazon blurb offers this:

Time ago little piece still there was a group of friends, Leona, Shelly, Maggie, Sonia and me, Jennie. We were all good girls and had big plans for ourselves.' And Kriss, he's hot but he's older and he's Claire's brother, so Jennie can't go there, no way. Then one of the group winds up stabbed and Jennie and her friends are out to sort the a**hole who did it, whatever it takes. What with that and some family stuff Jennie does a little growing up, and who's gonna help her do that better than the gorgeous Kriss.

Not a romantic comedy, then.

For myself, I merely wonder about the strain that the authorship must have put on her thumbs. It's one thing whipping off a quick e-mail. It's quite something else if you're using a BlackBerry to describe, say, a nasty little stabbing.

"The Kickdown Girls" currently stands at No. 309,249 in the Kindle Store.

So not quite as popular as BlackBerrys are right now -- but not too far off.