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MobileMe updates support for iPhone and OS 3.0

Apple's MobileMe service has been updated with enhanced support for iPhones running iPhone OS 3.0.

Apple, Inc.

Apple has updated a support document that details MobileMe enhancements for an iPhone running iPhone OS 3.0. The updates include the following features.

On an iPhone or iPod Touch, a user can search all messages including those stored on the MobileMe "cloud" (server). You can search in the From, To, and Subject fields.


  • iPhone 3GS users can publish videos to a Gallery album.
  • If no Gallery albums exist, an album is automatically created when publishing a photo or video from the iPhone.

Push Contacts and Push Calendar

  • There's an option to merge existing contacts and calendars on first sync from iPhone/iPod Touch.
  • Deleting a MobileMe account or turning off contact and calendar sync on iPhone/iPod Touch allows users to keep a copy of the data on the device.
  • iPhone contacts that sync with MobileMe maintain ringtone associations.

Details regarding Find My iPhone and Remote Wipe are included; we've covered both topics previously.

Apple has a complete list of MobileMe service updates since August 2008 .