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Mitsubishi 65-inch laser-based TV will be $7K

A different type of rear-projection TV technology will cost about the same as a similar-sized flat-panel set.

This blog has been updated to correctly reflect the price of Pioneer's 60-inch plasma.

It's been two years since Mitsubishi first began talking about its laser-based TV. Finally, we have a price.

It looks like the 65-inch LaserVue will retail for $6,999, and will start shipping at the end of September with wider release scheduled for later in October, Sound & Vision reports.

At that price and size, the LaserVue places it pretty much in the same realm as its plasma and LCD peers. Pioneer's 60-inch Kuro plasma, which is generally regarded to have the best black levels on the market, sells for $6,500.

At CES, CNET's own David Katzmaier got a brief look at the LaserVue, and had this to say: "According to the press release, the laser light engine allows the TV to produce twice the color spectrum of current HDTVs. The brief demo provided little opportunity to test this claim, although black levels looked dark enough (albeit crushed--lacking shadow detail, which was probably a result of improper calibration) and off-angle viewing appeared better than other DLPs."

The company also appears to be working on a 73-inch version, but no price or release date has been announced. Check out the video below for our First Look at the LaserVue.