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Microsoft's Kevin Johnson on Yahoo

An article out of Europe suggests the top-level exec said that Microsoft would bid for a Yahoo under new management, but the software giant says such words were never uttered.

Did he, or didn't he? Apparently, he didn't.

A report out of Europe cited Kevin Johnson, president of Microsoft's Platforms and Services Division, saying the software giant would be interested in bidding on a Yahoo under new management. But that isn't so, a Microsoft representative told CNET

Earlier this morning, the Silicon Alley Insider referenced a Bloomberg story that cited a Financial Times Deutschland article, regarding Johnson's alleged comments. Silicon Alley Insider, rightly so, questioned whether something got lost in the English-to-German-to-English translation.

According to a Microsoft representative, Johnson did not suggest such a scenario.

Meanwhile, Yahoo shares continued their slide. The stock was down 1.41 percent to $21.66 in morning trading.