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Microsoft: The Barry Bonds of high tech

No matter what they do, a lot of people seem to think an alternative to the universal JPEG format is a good idea. They just wish it wasn't coming from Microsoft.


Knee-jerk criticism, and even downright hatred, of Microsoft has softened in the last couple of years thanks to toward world domination. But bloggers and readers indicate that some things--namely skepticism toward anything Microsoft does--may never change.

Ultimately, Microsoft may end up being the Barry Bonds of technology: No matter what the company does, it may .

Blog community response:

"This is a classic example of market dominance and how being the market leader (90 percent of the desktop market) enables one to have the ability to introduce (enforce) a standard onto users. I bet you no other company in the world has the capital or ability to do what Microsoft has done and will do, but can you blame them?"

"I can only see problems if licensing costs are prohibitive or if Microsoft hate beats out throughput and image manipulation ease concerns. Honestly, I'm hoping Microsoft doesn't pull an Apple and over-price this."
--Blah, Blah, Blahg

"Leave it to Microsoft to try to change the way everyone works (isn't that what they say in their commercials now? lol)."
--The Life of Ken

"It would be great to have a better image format. The problem now is about the licensing of the new format. Will Microsoft make it a Windows-only format?"