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Microsoft music gets Spooky

Microsoft has launched a new site called Crossfader, aimed at becoming a community resource and how-to guide for DJs and electronic musicians. Scratch that – specifically for electronic musicians using PCs, rather than Macintosh computers.

This isn't just Apple-bashing ad copy, however. The site is launching in beta format featuring a video shot and instructional interview with DJ Spooky, a New York-based music collagist with plenty of art and street cred. A quick perusal shows Crossfader seems to be serious about becoming a forum where musicians can swap ideas and tips on software and production techniques.

That's potentially a very valuable resource, but like every community-based service, will only work if a community springs up around it organically. For the most part, that's been a tough thing for big companies to seed.

It is true that many more musicians have begun using PCs instead of Macintoshs over the past few years, as Windows-based software from Digidesign, Cakewalk and others has begun to rival the Apple standbys. Macs still seem to be the tool of choice for pro studios, however.