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Meet some people who bought an iPad 2 this week

Twitter offers some plaintive tweets from those who, gosh, no, really didn't know a new iPad was coming.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Meanness has its place. This, though, isn't it.

Even though, it seems, certain people suffered severe visual and aural problems this week--ones that led to them to obtaining an iPad 2.

I can hear you groan in a manner you haven't since Brett Favre announced his last retirement. But life is hard. Not everyone is a techie. Some people are real human beings.

So I am grateful to Buzzfeed for being so infused with schadenfreude that it scoured Twitter to find people who apparently had no idea a new iPad was about to be born.

Please imagine how good the basketball team must be at Youngstown State University.

This seeming non-sequitur is stimulated by a tweet from Youngstown State Men's Basketball Media Relations Director, Jamie Hall. It read: "So I just bought the Ipad2 on Saturday and Apple comes out with Ipad3 today #perfecttiming."

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I know there will be those who will mutter: "Nothing but nitwit."

But this ought to give ardent Appleites a moment's pause to consider that not everyone inhabits their emotional life.

But what about audiobook junkie, Gabriela? She seems to have had her ears firmly in her books, to the detriment of tech news. For she tweeted: "OF COURSE THERE'S A NEW IPAD...I just bought the IPad2 :'( #StoryofMyLife."

I cannot believe that Gabriela's life has truly been so unfortunate.

It's easy to laugh at tweeters such as a lady with the handle KamaPrama: "GUUUUYS! My daddy bought me #iPad2 SHIIIT! I LOVE YOUUUUUU DADDDD! YOU BEST!"

And yet, given that the iPad 3, no the iPad HD, no the new iPad isn't that much of an upgrade, why can't we accept that all these people might be perfectly happy with their new machines?

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET