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Maverick Mobile secures lost or stolen phone data

Turn your lost or stolen cell phone into an alarm, retrieve your data, and disable the phone remotely with Maverick Security Mobile.

SAN DIEGO--For most of us, if we lose our cell phones our mobile data is at risk of exposure by whoever finds or steals the phone.

Maverick Mobile announced a new application at DemoFall on Monday that helps people locate their lost or stolen phone, as well as track the phone, retrieve the phone book, and disable the device remotely.

If the SIM card is replaced, the application sends information about the new account, as well as call logs and messaging history, to a remotely controlled reporting device that helps the owner track down the phone.

All the contacts can be remotely transmitted from the phone to its owner via SMS using the data plan of the thief.

The owner also has the ability to annoy the heck of whoever is trying to use the phone, and render it unusable by remotely setting off a loud alarm to play on the device or disabling the phone. The only way to stop the alarm is to take the battery out, but then it will continue playing if the battery is put back in, said Sujit Jain, chief executive and founder of Maverick Mobile.