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Master of whose domain?

The government's "white paper" on how to handle the transition of control over the domain name system leaves many questions unanswered.

The government's highly anticipated "white paper" on how to handle the transition of control over registration of the top-level domains leaves resolution of many of the major issues up to an as-yet-unformed nonprofit organization.

White paper comes up short
news analysis The long-awaited white paper on how to transfer control of top-level domains leaves many questions unanswered.

Fed domain plan defers decisions
Clinton's final plan to overhaul the Net's naming system will defer some of the most difficult decisions to a newly created nonprofit group.

Magaziner: Domain consensus possible
Clinton Net policy advisor Ira Magaziner is optimistic that the various players in the domain space will agree on how to proceed.

NSI stock jumps
update Shares in Network Solutions jump 20 percent in trading after the government releases a plan to overhaul the Internet's naming system.