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Mars panoramic skirt: Wrap a rover around your waist

Flaunt your space nerd cred with a Mars rover panoramic skirt.

Mars rover panoramic skirt
All JPL employees should wear these. All of them. Go Chase Rabbits

I have a space dream. I've been invited to the NASA prom by Mohawk Guy. He's going to pick me up in the Mars Curiosity rover. What on earth am I going to wear? I'd better head over to Etsy and order a Mars panoramic skirt.

Etsy seller Go Chase Rabbits has a huge line of geek chic skirts, but the Mars rover panoramic is especially impressive.

The image is taken from one of NASA's color-enhanced releases. It wraps around the whole skirt in wonderfully detailed glory. You can see all sorts of Mars rocks and there's plenty of actual rover in there for good measure.

The $45.99 skirt is 100 percent cotton with a black elastic waistband -- handy for when you eat too much astronaut ice cream and Tang.

Go Chase Rabbits also makes a space station skirt and a skirt featuring the launch rocket blast from the space shuttle taking off. That should pretty much cover it for your space exploration fashion needs.

Mars rover panoramic skirt back
There's a rover on your rump. Go Chase Rabbits

(Via Fashionably Geek)