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Manage your money with Quicken Online Mobile for iPhone

Quicken's free app challenges Mint for iPhone money-management supremacy. It's a solid first effort, with perks like an ATM locator and on-the-run purchase recording.

For a good six months now, Mint has been the go-to app for managing finances on your iPhone. Today, Quicken debuted its own money manager: Quicken Online Mobile. Like Mint, it's free. Unlike Mint, it's passcode-protected.

That protection addresses a long-standing concern: if someone makes off with your iPhone, they can fire up the Mint app and see how much money's sitting in each of your accounts.

Quicken Online Mobile, on the other hand, won't let you in without first entering your four-digit PIN.

To get started, you'll need to create a free Quicken Online account (if you don't already have one). As with Mint, QO gives you a big-picture overview of your bank accounts, credit cards, and the like. (It also allows for a little forecasting, such as when your next paycheck will hit.)

From there, just load up Quicken Online Mobile (which can also run on an iPod Touch, natch) and sign into your account. In addition to showing you account balances, the app lets you record purchases on the run and can find nearby ATMs--two perks not available in Mint's app.

Is that enough to make you switch? Or do you continue to have concerns about carrying sensitive financial data in a device that's easily lost or stolen? Share your thoughts in the comments!