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Computers crashes when flagging e-mail; junk filtering breaks crashes when flagging e-mail; junk filtering breaks

We are seeking confirmation for an issue where seemingly suddenly stops filtering junk mail, and subsequently crashes when attempting to flag messages as junk.

MacFixIt reader Michael Hamner writes "All of a sudden junk mail began to inundate my mailbox; stuff that was being filtered very effectively before. Then when I tried to flag the incoming mail as junk in the application would crash. I sent two crash reports to Apple."

Hamner found separate confirmation for the issue on another user's blog:

"He described the exact same problem that I was having. So I followed his advice and deleted the ~/Library/Mail/LSMMap file and then re-trained the email app. What's more I also deleted the ~/Library/Mail/LSMMap2 as well. After cold booting the system the LSMMap2 file has recreated itself but not the LSMMap file. The junk email filtering is still not working."

UPDATE: Craig Sinard writes "Two different Geniuses have told me that my re-occurring crashes with Mail 1.3.3 is 'known' but not an 'official' problem with Panther. One 'fixed' the problem by throwing out the preferences, the other fixed the problem by hitting 'reset.' Crashes continue."

If you're experiencing a similar problem, and have had success or failure with the suggested workaround, please drop us a line at

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