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Mac OS X 10.3: Security issue with "Managed" accounts; more on Network browsing

Mac OS X 10.3: Security issue with "Managed" accounts; more on Network browsing

Security issue with "Managed" accounts Mac OS X allows an administrator to limit the capabilities of individual non-admin users via the Limitations tab of Accounts preferences. (Apple calls such limited accounts "Managed" accounts.) One of the options available for Managed accounts is the ability to choose which applications a Managed user can access. However, reader Kirk McElhearn notes a bug in Managed accounts that, at least in one specific case, allows users to launch applications to which they shouldn't have access:

"I just gave my son my old G3 iBook. He's 13, and I don't want to deal with any content control program yet, and this is his first "real" computer, so I've limited his access, allowing only certain apps (he can't access Safari, for example). Imagine my surprise when I found him looking at web pages in Safari!

"It turns out that when browsing the iTunes Music Store [he has access to iTunes] he clicked a link to Oscar-nominated music, which opened Safari (!) and took him to a web page. Now, what this means is that in spite of the fact that he cannot open Safari by double-clicking its icon, he can open it if another app calls it up."

We haven't verified whether or not this bug also exists in previous versions of Mac OS X.

More on Network browsing In addition to the other issues we've been covering over the past few weeks relating to Network browsing vs. Connect To Server, reader Mike Martin points out one apparent drawback of mounting volumes using Connect To Server:

"Our users who are having a difficult time switching over from OS 9 to OS X prefer to have network volumes accessible via the desktop, and using Connect To Server can accomplish this. However, when more than four volumes are mounted this way, connections to the volumes begin to spontaneously disconnect and no longer be accessible. This has happened on a mix of machines, both G4 and G5, running OS 10.3.2 with all of the current updates."

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