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Mac OS X 10.3.3 (#17): Printing problems

Mac OS X 10.3.3 (#17): Printing problems

Repairing permissions For several printer communication problems brought about by minor system updates, simply repairing permissions (which is recommended regardless after Security Update and heavy-use application updates) can restore functionality.

MacFixit reader Mark writes "I noticed today that I can no longer print to any of my printers. My last system software update was Security Update 2004-04-05. I can bring up the print dialog box, and when I select print, I get an error message stating, 'Error While Printing." The console log shows the following error, 'PMSessionBeginDocumentNoDialog failed (error code = -108).' I was able to print several days ago. "

"I was able to solve the problem by running Apple Disk Utility (Utilities/Disk Utility) and selecting repair permissions."

Safari cannot print Meanwhile, William McMunn reports a problem with printing that only affects the newest release of Safari. We're seeking confirmation for the issue. Since installing OS X 10.3.3 with Safari 1.2.1 on my 667 MHz PowerBook TiG4, I get a "Page protect needed" error whenever I try to print a web page from Safari on a HP 2100M printer. The PowerBook is connected over a wireless ethernet link to an older computer running Mac OS 8.6, which in turn is connected by LocalTalk to the printer. I can print web pages with no problems in this configuration when I use other browsers, such as Camino 0.7, Omniweb 4.5, Netscape 7.1, and Internet Explorer 5.2.3."

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