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Mac OS X 10.3.3 (#13): More on DVD Player artifacts; CD burning; Seeing double; more

Mac OS X 10.3.3 (#13): More on DVD Player artifacts; CD burning; Seeing double; more

More on DVD Player artifacts Yesterday we reported video artifacts in DVD Player 4.0 (included as part of Mac OS X 10.3.3) when used in conjunction with ATI's RADEON 9800 Pro cards, and possibly other models. We've now even more confirmation for the issue, as well as a possible solution.

One MacFixIt reader writes "I have had a problem with green blocks appearing at random in DVD Player after opening DVD Player when my G5 with stock Radeon 9600 card has previously been sleeping. If I restart the problem is gone until my computer has gone back to sleep for a while. Curious... VLC doesn't have this problem. Also Logging out and back in as the same user or a different user will not clear the problem, only a restart."


As discovered by Heather Donahue the DVD Player framework was updated as part of Mac OS X 10.3.3. She was able to solve the problem by using the tool Pacifist to extract and replace the 10.3.3 framework with the 10.3.2 framework.

The framework can be found at /System/Library/Frameworks/DVDPlayback.framework

CD burning problem Scott Rose reports a problem with "phantom" CD images appearing on the desktop, for which we are seeking confirmation:

"When using either iTunes or Toast to burn a CD to an external LaCie 52x FireWire CD drive, blank images of the CD appear on the desktop for each attempted burn, even if the CD that was just burned successfully is actually sitting there mounted successfully on the desktop. This bug is particularly easy to reproduce if you get an error msg in the middle of burning... even if you eject the CD from your drive, you're still left with a 'phantom' image of the CD on your desktop. You are then forced to go on your desktop and 'eject' all these 'phantom images' of the CD's that you either burned or attempted to burn."

Seeing double Yesterday we reported a specific problem where some device controllers appear twice in Apple System Profiler.

First, it should be noted that some SCSI cards (as well as other device controllers) have two channels - one available inside the computer, and one available outside the computer - logically generating the duplicate listings in Apple System Profiler.

However, we've now begun to receive reports of some individual external devices being listed several - up to eight - times.

Michael Johnson writes "You list an item of SCSI adapter devices appearing twice in Apple System Profiler on April 1 2004. I can top that. I have a SCSI scanner which shows up 8 times in ASP. Hardware: SCSI adaptor 2930CU (Apple supplied); Iomega SCSI Zip external; UMAX 600S scanner.

"If the G4 is booted with scanner power off, Zip drive shows in Apple System Profiler as it should as only installed and mounted SCSI device. If scanner is powered on at boot time(only way it can work under OSX) Zip drive is not shown in Apple System Profiler, but 8 entries for a IOSCSIparralleldevice are shown, and each one is described as the same UMAX 600S SCSI device with SCSI ID #2."

Rodrigo Shawcroft's writes "I recently upgraded a friend's Powerbook. I installed Mac OS X 10.3 and upgraded it to Mac OS X 10.3.3. When I opened the System Profiler, the DVD appeared twice in the ATA section, both with the correct specifications (Matsushita DVD, model and serial number). I tried resetting PRAM several times, but it remained the same. Other than that, the PowerBook works normally."

More combo update success We continue to receive reports of success resolving problems apparent after using Software Update with the Mac OS X 10.3.3 combination updater:

One reader writes: "Just to let you know that applying the combo update from Apple's website after running the 10.3.3 update through software update has solved my kernel panic problem whereby my 17" iMac would give me at least 4 kernel panics a day, of which at least one at startup. Since applying the combo update 10.3.3 works like a charm, even mail is not crashing anymore when my junkfilter is being applied. I suspect the kernel panics coming from a USB-hub with several devices connected (Printer, scanner and memory stick)."


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