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Mac hit by a car, flies 20 feet, starts up

Mac hit by a car, flies 20 feet, starts up

While this item is not in the scope of our general coverage, we feel obliged to pass it along in the interest of proving just how well-made Macs are.

MacFixIt Dan Vado shares an incredible story about a Mac that survived a severe automobile accident:

"I thought I would share this story which might be of interest to your sites readers.

"Last week, a drunk driver plowed through the front of our offices, destroying most of the equipment in our production department (we are a comic book publisher.)

"In one of the pictures you will see a G4 1.25 Ghz computer in the rubble. This machine had traveled at least 20 feet in the air, hit a wall and came down on a heap of rubble.

"After we cleaned up, I plugged the thing in just to see if it would boot up. Amazingly enough, the thing came on and has been running without trouble ever since. There are two links below. One is the news story on our web site, the other is a short iMovie I made of the crash.

"Let's see a Dell do that."

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