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Low Latency's comic take on the big stories of 2012

From Facebook's much-hyped IPO to Google's AR glasses to Apple's maps blunder, Crave's weekly comic had a brilliant take on the year's major tech happenings.

In late 2011, Crave welcomed Low Latency, CNET's first-ever weekly tech comic. Every Thursday morning(ish), the pair behind the comic's shenanigans, artist Blake Stevenson and CNET editor Jeff Bakalar, give their amusing take on a prominent tech happening. Here, a look back at 10 of the year's big stories through Low Latency's unique lens. Click on each panel for a larger version, and to see every one of Low Latency's panels so far, click here.

When Facebook first announced plans to go public, Low Latency -- and many others -- immediately thought big (February 9, 2012):

Way before the brouhaha over Instagram's terms of service, the comic considered how the app affects how we perceive photos (March 22, 2012):

Ouch! Here's what happened when Low Latency tried on a pair of Google's Project Glass augmented-reality goggles (April 26, 2012):

Low Latency thought Microsoft's press conference for its Surface tablet could have taken a cue from another company (June 21, 2012):

The Olympics drama that prime-time TV coverage can deliver got somewhat dampened by the social-media frenzy this year (August 2, 2012):

When NASA's Curiosity rover triumphantly landed on Mars, Low Latency mused on what the vehicle would spot first (August 23, 2012):

Did antics in the giant Apple v. Samsung courtroom battle remind anyone else of kids bickering at recess? (August 23, 2012):

Like so many others, Low Latency got lost in the controversy over the new iPhone 5's Apple Maps (October 4, 2012):

Remember how some got peeved when the fourth-generation iPad came out just seven months after the third-gen iPad hit? (October 25, 2012):

When Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 launched, some gamers got a strange illness that prevented them from going to school or work (November 12, 2012):

Low Latency will be back in 2013. To see every one of Low Latency's panels so far, click here.