Looxcie wearable camera: For those afraid to blink

If you thought always-on communications technology was already out of hand, you haven't seen the Looxcie.

Record like a borg: the Looxcie wearable camcorder.
Record like a borg: the Looxcie wearable camcorder. Looxcie

Feel like the world's already too glued to instant communications, on-the-spot mobile photo, and video uploads? Do you feel like there's nothing you can do in public that won't be instantly YouTubed? Well, get ready for Looxcie. The completely awkward-looking earpiece/camcorder fits the bill for William Gibson-style folk who fear ever missing a moment of reality that can't be recorded.

At $199, the 1-ounce over-the-ear Bluetooth headset-cum-camera has the storage capacity to record up to five hours of lower-res HVGA-resolution MP4 video on 4GB of internal memory, although the battery life will only last for four hours of recording. In the event that you suddenly see a shark eat a bear-dolphin, you can instantly clip the last 30 seconds at the press of a button, or package it into an instantly uploaded video clip.

The Looxcie is controlled via smartphone--currently it supports certain Android phones via an app that also lets your phone act as the camera's viewfinder. Future smartphone platform support is promised this fall.

We can't see this ever being used at formal occasions, weddings, or in "normal" life, but for sporting events or moments where you feel like something might suddenly get YouTubably strange, it could beat making a late run for a Flip or smartphone.

We have one here at the CNET offices; expect a full review once it's been run through its paces.

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