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"Lonelygirl15" wants you to fight poverty

She might . But popular video blogger "Lonelygirl15"--ostensibly a 16-year-old California girl named Bree, but really a 19-year-old Kiwi actress named Jessica Rose--still has something to say, and this time the United Nations is involved. According to an article in Monday's Wall Street Journal, the U.N.'s Millennium Campaign has enlisted several viral video creators to help with its "Stand Up" project, which aims to spread awareness and encourage dialogue about eradicating poverty. In this sponsored "Lonelygirl15" video, "Bree" uses her standard video structure of talking to a webcam in a bedroom to educate the viewers about worldwide poverty and telling them what can be done about it.

Think of it as Public Service Announcement 2.0.

If you won't fully be convinced about the gravity of global poverty until you hear it from "Lonelygirl15," the video's here.