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Linux on Zune may be soon

Proving once again that Linux enthusiasts will find a way to put the open source operating system on anything with a screen and battery, it appears that Torvalds' creation is headed for Microsoft's Zune.

An administator at Zune Boards says that much progress has been made toward getting Linux running on the digital music player.

There are still plenty of bugs and not too many features. "It currently has to be booted while synced and has limited (capabilities), but I've at least got it partway working," wrote Mys Videl in a Dec. 27 posting.

In response, some users did ask the question I have. Why on earth would you want to do that, even if you can?

Mys Videl responded with a number of reasons, including:

• Linux on the Zune will just be plain sexy.

• It will allow us to add our own new features and programs.

• It will give people more options instead of just what Microsoft wants.

• It will make the Zune in to a portable hard drive

• It will give the anti-Windows people something to grin about.

• Who can resist linux?

So, there you have the list of reasons. Of course, remember, if your goal is to make Microsoft mad, handing them $249 might not be the best way, even if you do replace the operating system.

That said, there appears to be no shortage of enthusiasm for such projects. Efforts to get Linux running on the most popular music player--Apple's iPod--. Initially, the results were less than overwhelming--the first Linux installation could play audio on the iPod and display basic graphics, but couldn't use its scroll wheel, for example.