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Life-size Lego trees, flowers sprout up in Australia

Lego bricks first arrived in Australia 50 years ago. They seem to have gotten bigger in the intervening decades. A life-size Lego forest recently popped up in the Outback.

Life-size Legos in the Outback
Crikey, those are some big Legos! Lego Australia

Australia is know for big spiders, big kangaroo feet, and, now, big Legos. Broken Hill in New South Wales is sometimes referred to as the capital of the Outback. It is home to around 19,000 people and a temporary forest of massive Legos.

The Lego installation consists of 15 pine trees and flower sets that are 66 times bigger than a standard Lego. The iconic designs are installed in a flat area of red earth around an old hotel.

Previously, the Lego forest was set up in Sydney. It's all part of Lego Australia's 50-year anniversary celebration.

The little plastic building bricks have been a popular toy around the country. According to Lego Australia, every Australian owns an average of 70 Lego bricks. Australians also bought 7 million Lego sets in 2011. That's a lot of Legos.

Unfortunately, the giant Lego forest won't be sold in stores, but visitors will have plenty of opportunities for eye-popping landscape photos. The forest will be in residence at Broken Hill until July 12.

Legos in the Outback
The stuff that Lego dreams are made of. Lego Australia

(Via Digital Trends)