Liam Neeson stares at you for 10 hours

Are you up to the challenge of Liam Neeson's piercing stare?

(Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

Are you up to the challenge of Liam Neeson's piercing stare?

Ten hours. Ten hours of Liam Neeson's eyes boring into your soul. We don't know why, but it's there on YouTube. And we will never be able to un-know this fact. Somewhere, Liam Neeson will always be staring at us from the depths of the internet.

The text simply states:

In an empty desert, where the winds never stop, a great battle once was held here. You are a survivor of this fearful battle. Nightmares have been haunting you for quite some time, but this one's different. It seems you can't awake, the people — the horrors you face have reappeared. They have been awakened once more.

Of course, you could just stare at the above image for 10 hours for a similar effect.

We actually came across it when we were watching the latest video from Jon and Al Kaplan, the geniuses behind John Carpenter's The Thing: The Musical (which is dead catchy and something we can never watch just once), Aliens: The Musical and a bunch of Arnold Schwarzenegger films that have been turned into musicals.

The latest video is, of course, along a similar theme. Liam Neeson: The Musical reveals a man dogged, pursued and ultimately trapped by the role of the action hero.

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