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LG Optimus G Pro hits 1 million unit sales in Korea

The device took four months to reach that mark, according to the company. The Optimus LTE, its predecessor, took 7 months to hit that point.

LG's Optimus G Pro hits 1 million units sold.
LG's Optimus G Pro hits 1 million units sold. LG

LG's Optimus G Pro has reached 1 million unit sales a few months before its predecessor, the company announced on Tuesday.

LG posted the news to its Web site (Translate), saying that it has sold 1 million units in Korea. The device hit the Korean market in February, meaning it took about four months for the Optimus G Pro to reach that point. The LG Optimus LTE, which came before the G Pro, reached 1 million units sold in seven months.

Interestingly, LG didn't mention Optimus G Pro sales elsewhere around the world, and it's not known what brought about that omission. Also worth noting: the device's chief competitor, the Galaxy Note 2, took three months to reach 1 million unit sales in Korea.

(Via Engadget)