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LG expands 4K TV range

The company adds a new mid-price model to its 2104 4K Ultra HD TV line-up.

LG's UB950T TV. LG

LG has added a new model, the UB950T, to its 2014 range of 4K Ultra HD TVs.

The 950T sits in-between the top-of-the-line 980T range and the 'affordable' 850T series. It will come in two different screens sizes: 55-inch and 65-inch, and it's available now.

The design borrows from both its neighbouring series. The stand is the same as that on the 850T, but it packs in some of the features of the higher-end 980T . This includes the Harmon Kardon-made sound system, consisting of four speakers plus a rear bass woofer, albeit with a 35-watt output, rather than 70.

The pricing also lands it securely in the middle. The 55-inch UB950T will cost AU$3,199 compared to the 55-inch UB850T at AU$2999. On the larger side, the 65-inch model is AU$4,499, with the same size in the UB980T still retailing for AU$5,499. (It's worth noting that these prices have been knocked down since the 4K line-up was revealed in May.)

The new models run the same WebOS Smart TV interface as the other models. We haven't seen the latest updates for WebOS, but back in May the interface was highly impressive, working faster and more intuitively than many other smart TV operating systems currently on the market.

Of course, 4K resolution still feels somewhat like overkill given the lack of 4K broadcasting or home entertainment options in the country. As with all 4K manufacturers, LG is hyping its upscaling engine as making the screen resolution worthwhile in a world still predominantly working with Full HD content.