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LeBron upstages Rogen, Rudd in Samsung's Super Bowl ad

Samsung releases the full 2-minute version of its Super Bowl ad. You do see some products. But you see a lot more of Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and LeBron James.

LeBron finishes strong against Rogen and Rudd. Samsung Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Some brands will make you wait to see their Super Bowl ads.

Not Samsung.

Having teased quite brilliantly with its mockery of the NFL's strict trademark regulations, Samsung has now released the full version of the real thing.

The real thing from The Next Big Thing again features Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd.

Like Samsung's Galaxy Note, this ad is a slightly bloated but likable affair, indulgently allowing its stars to free-associate with good humor and not so much dwelling on niceties such as, well, the products.

Mr. Show's Bob Odenkirk again comes along for the ride, puncturing Rogen and Rudd's pretensions to stardom with heartless glee.

The ad asks you consider just how old Rudd really is. It asks you to imagine Rogen in a diaper. It confirms your suspicions that crowdsourcing is the deepest joy of the lazy and the tight-fisted.

There's even a little mockery of Psy and his Gangnam Style.

Then LeBron James appears and you're asked to appreciate what real stardom is about.

It's all enjoyable enough, and well suited to the gout-inducing starfest that is the Big Game.