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Leaked pic hints at HTC One arrival on Verizon soon

Verizon talks up the arrival of another big Android phone just as new leaks emerge.

More evidence of the HTC One's arrival on Verizon is piling up, but will it hit Big Red before school starts? Twitter/Evleaks

Last week I made a visit to my local Verizon Wireless store. As the store employees rung up my wife's new Galaxy S4 and sang its praises, they talked even more giddily about the impending arrival of another phone on the nation's largest carrier -- the HTC One.

This is just one small-town store in a vast network of Verizon stores, mind you, but employees told me iPhone sales had fallen off in favor of Samsung's Note and Galaxy S lines, and that they were expecting even bigger things from the HTC One.

What I couldn't get a straight answer on was when the flagship Android phone might finally come to Big Red. It's been months since the last great hope for struggling HTC was released to the masses, and the HTC One has since landed on all other major carriers in the United States.

All we've heard from Verizon officially is a cryptic tweet that the One is coming "this summer," which is precisely what I'm hearing from Verizon employees in person and on the phone as well.

But Monday we got a glimpse at the leaked shot to the right that purports to show the HTC One on Verizon. The only tell is the Verizon 4G LTE icon in the status bar along the top, which, admittedly could be faked. But the source, Evleaks, has proven to be pretty reliable in the past.

The only other interesting clue on the image that I noted is the seemingly arbitrary date of September 5. Could it be that Verizon considers the Thursday after Labor Day to be sticking with their promise of bringing out the HTC One during summer? Technically, it is, but plenty of school kids and parents will feel otherwise.

Of course, there's also the possibility that the date is completely random and meaningless. Either way, it's clear that the arrival of the One on Verizon is getting closer.

What do you think, is the HTC One worth waiting for if you're looking to buy a new phone on Verizon? Or does it make more sense to wait for a new iPhone or the rumored Google/Motorola "X Phone?"