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L. Ron Hubbard Pulp Fiction channel coming to YouTube

Publishing company Galaxy Press is bringing stories and novels to the popular video site.

Publishing company Galaxy Press announced Friday that in partnership with YouTube, it has launched its own channel on the popular video site. The channel contains original content dedicated to the newly released 150-story, 80-plus novel pulp fiction series, Stories from the Golden Age, authored by L. Ron Hubbard during the 1930s and 1940s.

So far, the YouTube channel contains two video podcasts, an audiobook trailer for Under the Black Ensign, which tells the story of a British naval captain turned pirate, and a video showing how the collection of stories came together.

The YouTube channel "is designed to enchant and captivate a whole new generation of reader and listener to Mr. Hubbard's amazing range and realism," John Goodwin, Galaxy Press president, said in a statement. "It's a fascinating look into how to create a unique listening experience. Its roots are from the old radio theater begun in the 1930s but done in a 21st century style."

And it's that desire to bring a "21st century style" to publishing that makes Galaxy Press' decision to use YouTube so compelling. As the publishing industry continues to face economic trouble and more people are turning online, will YouTube become the next frontier for promoting publishing classics?