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Klipsch Image X5 earphones: Larger body, smaller price

A more affordable version of the original flagship model is on the way.

Crave UK

For traveling, the Klipsch Image earphones are still a Crave favorite, and we're not exactly short of earphones and headphones for every occasion. We're pretty thrilled to hear the American hi-fi audio company is bringing out a slightly more affordable variation of the original Images, the Image X5s.

Although they're 2 millimeters larger in diameter than the flagship model, the exclosures of the X5s are ludicrously small. The dual armature q-Jays from Jays are still tinier, but Klipsch have them beat in terms of build quality.

Inside the X5s are single full-range drivers (Klipsch refuses to give actual specifications regarding frequency response--sigh), while outside reside Klipsch's snug, exceptionally comfortable silicon tips. Combined with being lightweight and streamlined, the X5s are set to be a more affordable way to get extreme comfort from high-end in-ear earphones.

The Klipsch Image sound quality boasted decent body and warmth, but we weren't impressed with the slightly lacking high end. With the voice of the original Images carried down to the X5s, we expect this high-end characteristic to be carried down also. A lot of people may find this to be an attractive selling point, particularly if you're fond of the Klipsch sound on the whole.

We're still waiting to hear details on exact release dates and price points, but expect availability in the summer and a price a notch or two below the existing Image model.

(Source: Crave UK)