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King-size dryer from GE looks the part of a pair

The Platinum GE Profile 7.3 cu. ft. King Size Capacity Electric Dryer stands above the crowd.

Platinum GE Profile 7.3 cu. ft. King Size Capacity Electric Dryer GE via Sears

One look at this dryer and its unique design stands out. The back panel curves up from right to left and it's easy to imagine it standing next to a similar washer to complete the arc. Other than the aesthetically pleasing pairing with the washer pair, the dryer rates high among consumers. Reviewers at Sears liked the many features and large drying capability. Detractors found the machine unreliable and difficult to fix. Over at Consumer Reports, the dryer scored high with testers giving it an 84 out of 85. User reviews were mixed, with customers unhappy with breakdowns. Positive reviews mentioned that the unit was quiet and the adjustable temperature settings were a convenience.

The dryer and washer work in tandem beyond fitting together like puzzle pieces. Utilizing GE's CleanSpeak Communication System, the washer "talks" with the dryer, communicating which type of dry cycle preset would be best for a given load. Altogether there are five temperature settings with multiple cycles. Also there is a delicate cycle with an extra-low-heat setting, which keeps an average temperature of 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The DuoDry system maintains the moisture detection allowing for quick and consistent drying of all types of clothes.

The 7.3 cubic-foot stainless steel drum is among the larger sizes available for home use. The unit stands tall at 43 1/4 inches while it has a depth of 29 inches and a width of 27 inches. The dryer is not stackable, as the electronic touch-screen control panel is located at the back of the dryer. Since the design of the laundry pair calls for side-by-side installation, (or at least would look better that way) the top is available to use as a countertop or a place to set a laundry basket.