Kindlies links all your photo sharing services in one

Kindlies is a new online tool that connects all your social media and photo sharing services on one site.

Kindlies is a new online tool that connects all your social media and photo sharing services on one site, to instantly review photo updates from friends and family.

There are plenty of photo sharing sites online and it's likely that many photographers will have presences across a variety of platforms. Flickr might be used for more serious work while Facebook is filled with portraits of friends. Kindlies brings these sites all together in one place with the ability to comment and share photos in new custom albums from a variety of sites.

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At the moment, Kindlies supports the biggest sharing sites like Flickr, Facebook, Picasa Web Albums, Photobucket, and even email services like Gmail and Hotmail. Rather than create one universal log-in for all these sites, once accounts are linked within Kindlies, photos will automatically be pulled in from every nominated service.

The Kindlies service was conceived in 2010 as a response to Facebook's Open Graph initiative and Google's OpenSocial API. According to Hang Tran, social media marketer for Kindlies, users need the ability to create private online photo albums where they can decide who sees what content. It's also a question of cost. "Free space is limited and users are conscious about storing their photos across multiple photo hosting sites to maintain free storage. The cost-efficiency of such a method in turn scatters the user's photos beyond one photo hosting site."

For now, the implementation is reasonably basic, which aggregates content from various photo sharing platforms. The label action to add comments on top of photos is restricted to viewing on Kindlies only, so too is face detection, though you can share comments and tags via Facebook. Future functionality includes the ability to link with 500px and Instagram, as well as the ability to access the service on mobile devices. There's also a "whole new concept of location-based, non-textual sharing of thoughts and feelings about photos and photo locations", which will be rolled out later down the track.

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