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Kickstarter of the week: Light

This gorgeous LED lamp is a lot smarter than it looks.

  • CNET Australia staff

(Credit: Moore's Cloud)

This gorgeous LED lamp is a lot smarter than it looks.

Colour-changing lights are all the rage, apparently — such as the LIFX, smartphone-controlled LED bulb by Aussie Phil Bosua.

Light wants to take that several steps further.

Contained within its compact glass frame, 52 LEDs reside. They are powered by a LAMP stack and is fully connected to the internet.

With this array, Moore's Cloud said that millions of colours are possible: you can use it to match colours (such as your clothing, upholstery or even the sky at any given time), create an animated light display to set a mood, or use it as an indicator light: for weather, for the status of your servers, for the time of day. And if you have more than one, they can talk to each other: light one in the middle of the night (with a touch), and the others will wake up, freeing you from stumbling about in the dark.

But it also has endless potential: Moore's Cloud has opened up both hardware and software, so anyone who wants to tool around with and create programs for the light can do so.

To make Light available, Moore's Cloud is asking for US$700,000, with the lights coming in as a US$99 tier reward. It seems a lot, but for anyone who has qualms, the company has opened its planning right up, including financials, which can found through its Kickstarter page. Visit it or the Moore's Cloud website to see what it can do.