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Keeping Microsoft in line

A reader argues that the software behemoth should be counterbalanced since it's been stifling innovation and sucking up industry profits.


    Keeping Microsoft in line

    In response to the Feb. 7 column by Bill Joy, "Microsoft's blind spot":

    I wanted to applaud for furthering the public debate about security issues with respect to Microsoft technologies.

    I understand that multinational companies can be preferential with various media outlets, but the most profitable company in the history of the universe should be counterbalanced when it's been stifling innovation and sucking up industry profits from other innovative, but less well-positioned, companies.

    It's not like Microsoft isn't made up of grown men that can take criticism.

    Please continue being aggressive but fair with Microsoft so we don't have to wait 10 years for new innovations that could've come to market in two years--again.

    Kamalesh Thakker
    Beverly Hills, Calif.



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