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Keep the home fires burning with cooking irons

Specialized fireplace irons allow you to cook food from the comfort of your living room.

Move the kitchen into the living room. Plow & Hearth

Nothing beats sitting by a nice, warm fire when it's cold outside. That is, nothing except sitting by a nice, warm fire while cooking food. We have our grills for outside use, but options are limited for harnessing flames indoors. Luckily, the common fireplace can easily be used for cooking up some goodness. All you need are the right tools.

The Fireside Cooking Irons are perfect for stoking the comfortable flames associated with food and fire. The irons are constructed from heavy cast iron and feature stay-cool wooden handles. Simply place your food in the iron and nestle it into the glowing embers of your fireplace. The heat from the fire will cook your food while the iron keeps it entirely enclosed and safe from direct flame. No ashes to bite through; only warm delicious foods, directly from your own fireplace.

A variety of irons are sold, each designed for individual tasks, although there's no reason you couldn't fill your panini iron with hot dogs. After all, it's your fireplace. So, gather the family 'round, sit down, and have a nice fireside chat. And meal.

(Via Cooking Gadgets)